Featured in Honolulu Real Producers | February 2021 Edition

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Many thanks to the wonderful team at Hawaii Real Producers, Chris Wirsing and Tanya Poole Wirsing, for choosing ME to be the Cover Feature of this prestigious magazine, and for sharing my story!!! I truly hope others really get to know the authentic “me” after reading this months publishing!

I can still feel the excitement from when Chris Wirsing  called me a few months ago and and asked me if I would like to be on the cover of Hawaii Real Producers, which is a magazine that showcases the Top Producing Realtors on Oahu.

I was in awe because this is a magazine my mentor, an agent in the Top 10, was featured on. For those of you that are not tracking, in 2019 I made it in the Top #100 and in 2020 I ranked #35 out of over 6,700 active Realtors on Oahu… I just keep working really, and the success just happened. I am so humbled and blessed that I didn’t think I would be on the cover of such a influential magazine.

To be honest, I wanted to be on the cover of a magazine for MMA!! But God works in mysterious ways and I can’t complain that I’m on this magazine (and soon also on national TV) for Real Estate before MMA; and  I’m loving it.

You’ll learn a lot about me.

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xo, Tina